Principal's Message


Principal’s Message

Hello Westbrook Families! 

I am thrilled to be writing to you as the principal of Westbrook Elementary. I am coming to Westbrook from Stoneridge Elementary, one of the many outstanding schools in the Roseville City School District. Not only am I the principal, but I am a member of the community and a parent at the school. To say I am invested in the success of Westbrook Elementary is an understatement. I have lofty goals for Westbrook, and together we will reach them.

I could not be more honored to be on this journey with all of you as we foster a positive learning environment for all our students and families. We all want the absolute best for our children, and we will work hand in hand as we make new friendships and create new traditions. I also value the connection between our students, our local middle schools, Chilton and Cooley, and West Park high school. I will work to involve the entire community as we grow Westbrook Elementary.

We look forward to hiring an incredible staff at Westbrook that shares the core values of genuinely caring about their students and promoting nurturing relationships with families. Our staff will be curious and inspired. They will model a love of learning and be willing to try innovative instructional approaches to instill a lifelong love of learning while maintaining high expectations for all our students. Every staff member will do whatever it takes to connect with your child and support them in reaching their potential.

At Westbrook, students and staff will create a sense of community where all members feel valued and supported. We will promote resilience. As resilient students, our children can utilize the skills they learn in the classroom, overcome the challenges they come up against, and take responsibility for their learning.

One of the most exciting things we will do together is develop the culture of Westbrook Elementary. The culture is the school’s personality and includes the traditions and events unique to Westbrook. You can feel it when you walk onto the campus. Our culture will embrace our beliefs that we work together, put kids first, and are curious and resilient. 

I will be reaching out soon and communicating often! Before the school year begins, I will share construction updates and any exciting changes. As we get closer to the school year, you can expect a video every Friday and a blog post every Sunday. I value two-way communication, and your feedback is important to me, so please get in touch with me with any questions or ideas. I cannot wait to meet you!

Here’s to an excellent school and an incredible upcoming school year! There will be hiccups and challenges, but we will face these challenges together. At Westbrook, we will always ask, “What if we can?”

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I look forward to working with you!


Jessica E. Brooks
Principal, Westbrook Elementary